Using Zapier with MemberPress

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If you haven't heard of Zapier, it's a great service for connecting various online services together. Once you have the MemberPress Developer Tools installed you can connect MemberPress to hundreds of different services through Zapier.

Some of the things you could potentially do with this type of integration would be:

  • Send an email through your auto-responder when a credit card expires
  • Add a row to a Google Spreadsheet when a member cancels
  • Create a new member when someone fills out an online form
  • Send a text message to you when a new member subscribes
  • ... And hundreds of other possibilities

You can set up Zapier to receive notifications from or to send data to MemberPress. Here's an example of how you can add a row to a Google Spreadsheet when a member cancels.

1. Login to Zapier (create an account if you don't already have one) and click the "Make a Zap!" Button.
2. Select "Webhooks" as a trigger and then "Catch Hook."

3. On the "Set Up Webhook" screen, copy the webhook URL for this zap.

4. Go to MemberPress > Developer > Webhooks and click the "+" to add a new Webhook Url.
5. Paste the Zap's Webhook URL into the text field, click "Advanced", select "Subscription Stopped," then click "Save Webhooks."

step_5_1 step_5_2 step_5_3
6. Go to MemberPress > Developer > Events, select "Subscription Stopped" and click "Send Test."

7. Click "OK, I did this" on the "Test this Step" in Zapier.

8. Create a new Spreadsheet in your Google account with a header row for each field you want to capture.

9. Setup an action in your Zap with the "Google Sheets App" and select "Create Spreadsheet Row."

10. Connect your Google account to your zap.

11. Match the fields from your spreadsheet to the data captured by the webhook.

12. Test the Zap and make sure data was recorded in your Google spreadsheet.

13. Name and activate your zap.

14. That's it!

Using this technique you'll be able to set up Zapier to do just about anything when any event from MemberPress occurs.