PayPal Standard

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MemberPress offers a full integration with PayPal Standard as a payment gateway option, which gives you the flexibility to handle customer subscriptions.

New Interface

Recently PayPal has been working on a newer, more sleek interface. We strongly recommend watching the above video, but you'll need to know the following differences to access the IPN and Website Preferences settings.


Click Profile -> Profile and settings


Then click My selling tools. You'll then have access to the Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) settings, and the Website Preferences settings. Click "Update" next to each to modify the settings.

Advanced Mode

The Advanced Mode option in PayPal Standard provides you with the options to control canceling, pausing/resuming and refunding subscriptions. This option is easily accessible in your PayPal Standard gateway settings as shown below.


In order to use the "Advanced Mode" option in MemberPress' PayPal Standard Gateway, you will need to ensure that your PayPal account is newer than 2009. Anything older will not support our "Advanced Mode" features such as pausing, resuming, and canceling recurring Subscriptions.

Note about Pausing/Resuming Subscriptions with PayPal: PayPal does not send out an IPN when a Subscription is resumed. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you do not resume a subscription from within PayPal itself -- rather always resume your Subscriptions from within the MemberPress admin interface. If a member resumes a Subscription within their own PayPal account, MemberPress will NOT be notified and the Subscription will still show as "paused" in your dashboard - so be aware that there may be cases where you would need to manually change a Subscription's status back to "enabled".

Important Note About Trial Periods with PayPal Standard: For trial periods to work correctly with PayPal Standard, number of days for the trial must be either a number smaller than 90 or be divisible by 7, 30, 31 or 365. PayPal will not be able to process the payment correctly for example if you enter in a trial period of 92 days. This applies for coupon trial periods or any other trial period as well. Also, when a user upgrades or downgrades and an artificial trial is used for their pro-ration, MemberPress will round their trial days to the nearest divisible increment as stated above.

How to Test with PayPal

To test with PayPal, you are required to set up a Sandbox Account. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please visit this page.

How to Process a Refund

To learn how to process a refund within PayPal Express please follow this link. If you need more help click here.