Connecting Stripe

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What This Video Covers:

How to set up Stripe as a payment gateway, and how to troubleshoot problems (found at minute 6:29 and on).

Basic steps to follow when setting up Stripe as a payment gateway:

  1. Go to MemberPress Options > Payments Tab
  2. Click the plus button and select the gateway "Stripe"
  3. Name it whatever you want.  This is the name that your users will see when they go to select how to pay.
  4. Go your Stripe dashboard to obtain the necessary keys: test secret key, test publishable key, live secret key, live publishable key.
  5. In Stripe, navigate to your account settings.
  6. Select API Keys
  7. Copy and paste the keys to your MemberPress settings.
  8. Copy your "Stripe Webhook URL" from your MemberPress setup page.
  9. Navigate back to your Stripe account settings
  10. Select Webhooks
  11. Select Add URL and paste it into the settings.

Use Test Mode if you want to make sure everything works without actually charging any cards.  If you have been using Test mode and you are going live, be sure to change your webhook to "live" in your Stripe settings as well.

Use Force SSL if your site has the option of being viewed in http and https.  This will automatically switch to https when a user is going to pay so that the transaction is secure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Again, if you are having issues with your payment gateway, please reference the video above starting at minute 6:29 until the end to learn how to conduct a few simple trouble shooting tests. After doing those things, and if your issue still hasn't been resolved, then please submit a support ticket to us.

How to Process a Refund

To learn how to process a refund within Stripe please follow this link.