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Configuring MemberPress Pages

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MemberPress requires a handful of pages for its operation. Here is where you can tell MemberPress which pages to use on your site. The pages marked with an * are required and must be set. If " - Auto Create New Page - " is selected when you click on "Update Options", the page(s) will be created and configured automatically for you. If you have existing pages you'd rather use, select them from the drop down menu.

You do not have to put any content on these pages, although if you do, MemberPress will add its content below yours. Below is a detailed description of each page and its function.

Thank You Page - The thank you page is the page your members will be shown after they purchase one of your Memberships. Typically you'll want to hide this page from the front end navigation menus.

Account Page - After a member logs into your site, they are normally taken to this page unless you specify otherwise in the Options. Here the member can update their profile information, change their password, view payment histories, and upgrade/cancel their subscriptions. You will normally want to show this page in your front end navigation menus.

Login Page - This one is pretty straightforward, this page shows a login form where members can login to your site and access any content they have paid for. This page also will show a forgot password link in case the user can't remember their password.

Unauthorized Access - Here you can add a message to show up when someone who isn't authorized tries to access a protected page. Ideas include using the shortcodes for the Groups or Memberships so they can signup right there. Alternatively you can also select to have them redirected to a specific page, such as the Memberships signup page, encouraging them to sign up. Learn more about managing unauthorized access.