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Activating MemberPress

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When you purchase MemberPress, you will be given an activation key which you can use to activate the plugin on your site(s).

How to activate MemberPress

  1. Please login to your account at and copy your activation key somewhere safe.
  2. Login to your site's dashboard.
  3. Head to Dashboard -> MemberPress -> Activate
  4. Enter your key in the MemberPress License Key text field and click "Activate License Key on ..."
  5. Activation can sometimes take a minute, so please wait
  6. If the activation was successful you'll see the following page
  7. If you have trouble getting your license to activate, please be sure that you do not have it activated on more sites than your license allows and that your subscription is paid for and active at as well.

NOTE: You will not be able to configure or act as adiminstrator until the activation key has been activated on your site. Please see below for further info on License Key Lockout and what to do in that situation.

License Key Lockout

To maintain the ability to act as administrator for MemberPress on your site, you need to renew your activation key every year. If you fail to do so you will see this when trying to access MemberPress from your Dashboard:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Experiencing a License Key Logout will NOT prevent sales from happening on your site, or prevent any of the other functionalities of MemberPress from working properly. Your site will continue to function as it did before, only you will not be able to access the administrative functions of MemberPress until you renew your license key. As always we appreciate your continued trust in helping us make your membership based site the best it can be with the best membership plugin for WordPress!