MemberPress 1.2.4 Release & New Add-ons

After toiling & testing for months, MemberPress 1.2.4 is finally here! This is primarily a performance & bug fix release but there are some significant changes in this release that MemberPress users will need to be aware of:

  • Autoresponder Integrations have been moved into Add-ons — This is important to know if you have autoresponders already installed and configured that once you install MemberPress 1.2.4 you’ll need to install the appropriate Add-on. We’ve tried to make this easy by adding some instructional popups that will guide you through auto-installing these add-ons.Add-on automatic install pop-up
  • We’ve added 3 additional autoresponder integration add-ons — this brings the total number of autoresponder integrations we support to 8 … here are the integrations we’ve added:
    • Drip
    • ConstantContact
    • MailPoet
  • We’ve launched our new MemberPress Developer Tools Add-on — this powerful new add-on will give you the ability to enable a full REST API and a web hooks interface. You’ll be able to use these tools to connect your mobile app, third party web app or anything else to connect to your MemberPress install. In addition to that you’ll be able to use webhooks to notify your remote apps when any action happens in MemberPress. This add-on is only available to users with a MemberPress Developer Edition license.
  • We’ve added an add-on auto-installation page to MemberPress — now it’s dead simple to browse the MemberPress Add-ons you have access to and to install them automatically from MemberPress’s “Activate” admin page.The new MemberPress Add-on manager
  • We’ve added a Spanish translation — We’ll be adding (and maintain) an official Spanish translation in 1.2.4.
  • We’ve added 2 new shortcodes — We’ve added the [mepr-show] and [mepr-hide] shortcodes with some conditional logic that will enable you to show or hide content based on whether a member is logged in or not, active on a membership or not … or active on a rule or not.
  • Many other enhancements, performance increases and other fixes have been added.

To read more about this release feel free to view our Change Log.

About Blair Williams

Blair is the creator of MemberPress. He is an experienced Software Developer who has created large scale web apps for scores of businesses. He now focuses on WordPress and Ruby development -- in particular the WordPress plugins and services he has created: MemberPress, Pretty Link Pro, Affiliate Royale and Buy Now for Stripe. You can read his blog by visiting


  1. The release of the MemberPress Developer Tools is AWESOME news!! If you now integrate the Memberpress API with Zappier that will open up a new world of possibilities 🙂

    • Blair Williams says:

      Angel, yeah we’re excited about the Developer Tools too. There is no specific MemberPress/Zapier integration yet but we’ve heard reports from customers that they’ve connected Zapier to the Developer Tools via Zapier’s generic webhook integration.

  2. Jeffrey Brown says:

    Hi Blair,

    Why no Campaign Monitor integration? They’re huge… Otherwise, glad to see you’re moving forward with MP.


    • Blair Williams says:

      Hey Jeff, Campaign Monitor is definitely on our radar. Hopefully it will be out in the near future.

      Thanks, Blair

  3. where can I find more information about the two new shortcodes?

    • We’ll be getting them documented soon. For now this should help:
      1) [mepr-show]
      2) [mepr-hide]

      Both shortcodes support if=”X” attribute, where “X” can be “loggedin” or “loggedout”. Both shortcodes work on whether the user is logged in or logged out, and does not care what, if any, Memberships the user has purchased. Here’s an example to get you started:

      [mepr-show if=”loggedin”]You’re logged in, congratulations![/mepr-show]
      [mepr-show if=”loggedout”]You’re now logged out![/mepr-show]

      • i just tried the mepr-show and hide short codes. it only works when i’m logged in as ‘administrator’ but doesn’t work when i’m logged in as a member. do you know why?